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"teach what is within you, not as it applies to you, but as it applies to the one in front of you." - T. Krishnamacharya



Sunday night Restorative Yoga begins Sept. 15!



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  • Beginner's Yoga Series

    27 November 2016 By lyndsay Events Comments

    Beginners yoga class Carrboro NCJanuary 2017 Beginners Series!

    Start 2017 off with an intense awakening of the body and mind! Yoga is a union of body and mind together, creating a Divine vehicle fit to be graced with the State of Yoga -- an intensely joyful experience that occurs through the understanding of a daily practice.

    Learn the ancient practice of Classical Yoga -- an 8 Limb journey into the soul, starting with relating to the external world, then to the body, through the breath and into the mind. 

    General: In this series of 6 classes over a 3 week period, you will get a basic understanding of the 8 limb path, basic alignment and understanding of warm-up and standing poses, breath work and an introduction to meditation. This series will ready any student for a journey into a regular practice of yoga at the Shala, or anywhere yoga is taught. The environment is nurturing, compassionate and all classes at the Shala are taught with a semi-private, personal feel.

    Schedule: Classes will begin on January 3 and will be held Tuesdays 5-6:15pm and Saturdays 12:30-1:45pm. Pre-registration and payment for the course must be made online or in the shala by December 30. Sorry, no late registrations accepted.

    Price: Early bird price $60 before December 20. After December 20th: $75. 

    Contact: This course will be taught by devout Classical Yogi and senior teacher Lyndsay Bahn, Shala owner and operator. If you have any questions about this course, please call/text Lyndsay at 919-704-5365 or email her at

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  • 5th Annual Gratitude & Giving Event

    01 November 2016 By lyndsay Events Comments

    Gratitude and Giving at Jyotishmati Yoga Shala CarrboroThis is our yoga community's 5th Annual presenting of this wonderful event! It began in Myrtle Beach and continues in Carrboro this year! 

    Know gratitude and compassion by experiencing it and giving of yourself to yourself for something bigger than you.

    The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is a community-supported DAY OF FAST to include a 1-2:15pm restorative and gratitude-themed vinyasa sequence. Fasting can be done from wake to sleep with water only, or any modification of this. Learn what it is truly like to feel grateful for the celebratory meal on your Thanksgiving Day. Then, 9-11am on Thanksgiving Day, we will gather together in our grateful lightness for an invigorating pranayama and handstand workshop practice with a theme of love, gratitude and celebration.

    These classes are for all levels and ages (kids welcome - invite your family into a grateful yogic tradition!), will be held by donation and all proceeds will benefit the Lowcountry Foodbank once again this year. Donations accepted even if you cannot attend the classes!

    Contact Lyndsay at or text/call 919-704-5365 for details.


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  • Yoga Sutra Chanting & Study Course

    21 October 2016 By lyndsay Events Comments
    Yoga Sutras Practice and Non-attachment In this course, we will learn the chanting of the Sanskrit of the 1st Book of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Samadhi Pada.
    Included will be chant sheets and call-and-response audio tracks to work with as we go along. English translation will accompany the chanting, and a 7-week study discussion of Samadhi Pada will begin on December 2, to follow the chanting course, aligning with the practice of chanting as well as the study of the meaning behind the words, and the application of the study to daily life.
    Begins November 4, 6-7:30pm. Runs the first 3 Fridays in November. Sutra Study runs Fridays December 2 - January 27 (not to include the last two Fridays in December) from 6-8pm.
    $40 for the Yoga Sutra Chanting Course, $110 for the Yoga Sutra Study of Samadhi Pada (the First Chapter/Book of 4). Card fees apply if registering online.
    No pre-requisite for the Chanting Course.
    However, If you are not a regular student of Lyndsay's and would like to join the Sutra Study, please contact Lyndsay directly at  LyndsayBahn[at] A daily practice is necessary for any comprehensive understanding of the text. 
    Please contact Lyndsay if you have any questions or are interested. This work is a practice of Svadhyaya, and is for all who have an established practice of yoga of any type. The Sutras define the path, the practice, and the life of a devoted spiritual aspirant.
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  • Yogastha Sadhana Weekend Workshop

    20 October 2016 By lyndsay Events Comments
  • Yogastha Sadhana Weekend Workshop Intensive with Todd Geiser

    18 April 2016 By lyndsay Events Comments

    Yogastha Sadhana Weekend Workshop Intensive with Todd Geiser

    Yogastha Sadhana is a yoga method that is based on a multi-limbed approach to the daily practice of yoga. There are 4 specific series to this asana/vinyasa practice which also incorporates specific pranayama (breath control) and dhyana (meditation) into the daily practice on the mat. This workshop will focus on the postures, breath, bandha work, inversions and vinyasas of the 1st and 2nd Series of this method. This weekend workshop is open to all level students. 


    Friday, June 3rd 

    6 pm – 8 pm Yoga Sutra Satsang / Meditation

    Saturday, June 4th

    9 am – 12noon Standing Series & 1st Series Postures 

    1 pm – 3:30pm Finishing Back Bends & Inversions

    Sunday, June 5th

    9 am – 12 noon 2nd Series Back Bends & Inversions 


    Cost: $125 for the full weekend 

    *Because of limited space, pre-paid registration is only available for those attending for the full weekend. Signing up for just a single session will be made available the week before the event as space permits for $50/session. 




    Contact: Lyndsay Bahn 843-333-2656 

    Todd Geiser has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. Yogastha Sadhana is a method of yoga he developed based on his years of practice in the Ashtanga Vinyasa system, intensive study of Yoga Sutras, and a dedicated regular meditation practice. For more info visit 



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