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"teach what is within you, not as it applies to you, but as it applies to the one in front of you." - T. Krishnamacharya



TANGO night at the Yoga Shala! Shalango!!
Fridays 7-11pm Open Door Social Tango hosted by John Singletary and the Sunday Practica Tango Familia!



Next yoga retreat to be held in Blue Ridge, GA! Contact Lyndsay for details! 

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All of our classes are for all levels, and in any class, a lifestyle practitioner of 25 years may be challenged and find growth right next to a brand-new beginner. Enjoy the freshness of energy with all levels and be supported in your practice with yogic instruction from a lifestyle yogi instructor! Directional, energetic and nurturing assists are provided as a vital component of the teaching, with great care and intuitive support of the student on his or her journey to show the student his or her potential in Self-discovery as the practice unfolds. 

Our teachers are experienced lifestyle yogis and are adept at what they teach. Beginners and advanced practitioners alike will feel very supported and in a nurturing environment for continued growth at The Shala. Class rates and descriptions below. Cash, check and credit cards are accepted in The Shala.


Have time and experience in your practice and in teaching your student group and want to join our teaching co-op? Contact Lyndsay at lyndsaybahn [at] for details. 


rates for shala owner lyndsay bahn's classes



Drop in:



Punch Cards:

5 class 8 weeks: $60 ($13/class)
10 class 8 weeks: $100 ($10/class)


Unlimited Options:

Unlimited Month/4 weeks: $120 ($10/class @ 3x/week)
Unlimited 2 Months/8 weeks: $210 ($8.75/class @ 3x/week)
Unlimited Week Visitor Pass: $60

Student special: $10 drop in!


*Due to the nature of what we do and how it is done, no refunds are given unless signficant extenuating circumstances exist.




class descriptions

Classes taught by Shala owner Lyndsay Bahn (learn more about Lyndsay):

Boot Camp/Asana Clinic:
All levels of students are welcome to Boot Camp, a powerful and vigorous vinyasa (flowing with the breath) practice for the body and mind. Cultivate a quieter mind by bringing awareness to the way the breath fuels the anatomical and physical body. Lots of standing poses, some basic arm balances, back bends, twists, strong hip openers, strengthening drills, and overall mobility workout for the connectedness of the body/mind.


Saturday Sadhana:
This is a weekly immersion to allow you to settle deeply into your practice as a vital aspect of an overall sadhana. Each Saturday, class will begin with a short discussion to theme the morning with Right Knowledge, working with yoga philosophy stemming from the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita or the Upanishads. We will spend time with pranayama; dynamic, vigorous asana/vinyasa sequencing; and finishing with a philosophy-based contemplation and/or meditation. This class is for all levels - beginner to advanced.


Forward Bending Vinyasa Focus:
This weekly go-to class includes Sun Salutations with upper body-to-core emphasis, standing poses, seated forward bend poses, jump-through vinyasa transitions and back bends, followed by closing sequence postures as prescibed by the Krishnamacharya vinyasa lineage. This class is for all levels, is modifiable for all, and is particularly helpful for those with tightness or discomfort in the low back, hips, and joints of the legs. 


Back Bending Vinyasa Focus:
This weekly go-to class includes Sun Salutations with upper body-to-core emphasis, standing poses, seated warm-up poses, jump-through vinyasa transitions, a strong backbending sequence, twists, leg behind the head work, arm balances and headstands, followed by closing sequence postures as prescribed by the Krishnamacharya vinyasa lineage. This class is particlarly helpful for those who have hyperlax (hypermobile) joints and are seeking to strengthen a wide range of mobility. 

Classes offered by Ruth Newnam (learn more about Ruth):

Slow Flow - taught by Ruth Newnam
Ruth Newnam has been teaching and practicing yoga in Carrboro for over a decade. Her Slow Flow class offering is a string of basic strength postures that are held for longer periods of time to test the mind, body and endurance to seek and treat inbalances in strength and mobility in the body. It is a slower moving vinyasa class, cued with focusing breathing and marrying breath with movement at a pace that allows all levels to find a therapuetic practice. This class works well as a weekly practice with Ruth's other offering, Mindful Flow.

Mindful Flow - taught by Ruth Newnam
This class offers the basic fundamentals of using the core (bandhas) to approach yoga systematically and for functional use of the body on and off the yoga mat. This class will bring the student to understand alignment of basic postures so that students can skillfully move into their practices with confidence.

Classes offered by Jennifer Krueger (learn more about Jennifer):

True Restorative Yoga
This is a true restorative yoga practice where students can find steadiness and ease in mostly reclined postures completely supported by props such as blocks, blankets and bolsters. This practice is to bring any student and any body to the yoga practice, to calm and restore the nervous system, stimulate the rest and degest function of the parasympathetic nervous system and aid in a true sense of relaxation; a weekly de-stressor from the intensity of the Western lifestyle.

Classes offered by Sensei Frank Apodaca (learn more about Sensei Frank):

Aikido for Children aged 7-12
Aikido is an ancient Japanese martial art that brings movements in core-based tumbling, defense, and artful weaponry together with the breath and meditation to bring strength, confidence, peace and ease to the practitioner. Sensei Frank has over 30 years of practice and teaching experience under his belt and we are blessed to have him teaching our children at the Shala weekly at The Shala. 

Classes offered by Kristen Polzien (learn more about Kristen Polzien, P.h.D.):

QiGong for Beginners
Want more energy and less stress?! QiGong is a gentle flowing of mostly standing postures, threaded together with breath to encourage Qi (life force) to move more fluidly through the body. Practitioners reguarly feel a tingling sensation of energy in the fingers and a sense of calm flowing throughout the body. This class is perfect for beginners seeking freshness in their lives.